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This is our Web Redirection service that help you get the most out of the free space that many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer, be it free web hosting or email account. Normally, these free sites have very long names that are difficult to remember, hard to type, and sometimes impossible to locate with search engines.

You could own an international domain (eg. www.domain.com , www.domain.org) or country domain (eg. www.domain.com.sg , www.domain.com.au , www.domain.com.my) but do not want to pay additional money for web hosting service as you already have an existing web site hosted free by your Internet Service Provider, ISP.

Our Web Redirection service will link your international domain or country domains to your existing web site.

For only SGD$60 per year/ SGD$5 per month, we will do all the work for you including putting META TAGS to provide information about your web site to improve search-engine traffic and help you to register for a free web hosting site if you do not have one. Of course, the only con about these free hosting site is that you will need to bear with the advertisement that pop up when accessing your site. Nevertheless, this is still good enough for one who is especially tight on budget but technical savvy.

You can even change your ISP or web hosting provider at anytime. Just inform us your new ISP's hosted web site address and we will re-direct your domain to the new destination without any additional charge. No re-print of name cards and update of changes is require.

Web site is http://www.mynewdomain.com
Link to http://www.geocities.com/neighborhodd/landmark5.htm

email is charlie@abc.com.sg  Link to charlie88@hotmail.com

DNS Hosting / Web Site URL Forwarding / Email Forwarding
  • Domain pointed to specific IP address

  • Web Site URL Forwarding

  • Custom MX records

  • Custom Domain Record

  • Email Forwarding

S$5.00 Monthly Fees
(exclude domain fee)



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